“Let us make MAN in our own image, our likeness - so they may rule over the fish in the sea, the birds in the air,  the wild animals and all the things that crawl on the ground” --Genesis 1:26

Our retreats are designed to give men a platform in which to celebrate all of the things we cherish in life as an authentic Catholic Man.

We don’t apologize for being outside…. in Kansas…. in February …..and on purpose.

In fact, most of us are praying for a foot of snow this year. For this retreat, the wilder the better.

Our retreats follow a simple recipe: God+Brotherhood+Outdoors+Cutting Edge Catholic Content+Stuff Guys Like= Life Changing Experiences.

While the actual activities remain a secret until the retreat, attendees can generally expect something to blow up, and something to burn down. There will be physical challenges, spiritual pyrotechnics, rich conversations, great food, contemporary music, funny stories, and of course, an abundance of fire.


have FELLOWSHIP with other Catholic men in some of the most creative, exciting activities anywhere in the country. Come, be INSPIRED by the beauty of God’s creation at Prairie Star Ranch, 300 acres of creeks, trees and pure Kansas wilderness. Come, be RENEWED by receiving the sacraments and thru the sharing of scripture, story, song and witness with other dads, sons, and husbands. And then go! Go back into your home and into your workplace and ENGAGED in your faith as an authentic Catholic man in the exact way God envisioned on the day He created you.

The wilderness calls…

Here are a few images of past retreats.

prairie star ranch, 2015